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Greenlife for Physicians

GreenLife's system has been developed specifically for the medical cannabis industry and provides robust features for patient management, verification and accountability.  The system enables your staff to check in patients, download and print intake forms, store digitally signed exam notes and generate recommendation letters for qualified patients. With the system you can customize user accounts and patient options as well as include an At-Home Sign-up feature.  You may log into your system using a internet browser, so with no software installation needed, you have the freedom to access the system from any computer at any time.

Hundreds of physicians in the medical cannabis industry rely upon GreenLife Medical's software daily.  Our physician system is well regarded as the Industry Leader in recommendation generation and verification technology.    


Greenlife Technology at a glance:

Easy To Use: GreenLife’s software provides a simple and intuitive interface. Users will be onboard in minutes.

Online Verification: Thanks to GreenLife’s revolutionary Internet architecture, collectives can verify recommendation letters easily on-line or via automated phone. This means that a GreenLife patient can have their recommendation letters verified without time consuming telephone calls to the physician’s practice.

Real Time: GreenLife works in real time to provide the most accurate and current information available.

HIPAA Compliant: GreenLife's software exceeds the standards set by HIPAA on security, encryption and electronic medical records.

Data Integrity: All information collected is stored to allow for authenticity and accountability.

Security: All GreenLife servers are encrypted with a 256-bit SSL Certificate and housed in Industry Leading Data Centers.  Our redundancy ensures a 99.9% uptime for the and verification systems.

Support: From initial installation to ongoing maintenance, we at GreenLife are committed to providing the highest level of performance and reliability.

GreenLife is State Specific!

GreenLife Medical is available for you to practice in all Medical Cannabis States.  Your system is programmed to follow the state's medical cannabis evaluation requirements.  State specific medical cannabis recommendations and application forms are auto generated upon physician approval.  

Currently, the system is in use in all 17 Medical Cannabis States.