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GreenLife for Collectives

Our system features an easy to use browser based web interface that enables the collective to add an unlimited amount of patients with supporting documentation to manage your patient collective efficiently and easily. The system contains a full and comprehensive patient record solution to document your patient's history and current medical treatment.  

 In addition, software for collectives, can scan and save all necessary documentation including the patient's identification, the doctor's recommendation and the collective membership form.

If patient qualification is an issue, GreenLife offers a pre-qualification module for your convenience.

The system also comes equipped with a point of sale and inventory control system enabling our clients to keep track of all sales, purchases and returns for their business.

GreenLife Technology at a glance:

Easy To Use: GreenLife’s caregiver software provides a simple and intuitive interface. Users will be onboard in minutes.

Real Time: GreenLife's caregiver software works in real time to provide the most accurate and current information available.

HIPAA Compliant: GreenLife's caregiver software has numerous security and accountability features designed to exceed the requirements of HIPAA.  

Data Integrity: All information collected is stored to allow for authenticity and accountability.

Security: All GreenLife servers are encrypt with a 256-bit SSL Certificate and housed in Industry Leading Data Centers.  Our redundancy ensures a 99.9% uptime for the Collective system.

Support: From initial installation to ongoing maintenance, we at GreenLife are committed to providing the highest level of performance and reliability.  


GreenLife is State Specific!

GreenLife Medical is available for you to use in all Medical Cannabis States.  Your system is programmed to follow the state's medical cannabis collective requirements. 

Currently, the system is available for use in all 17 Medical Cannabis States.